Sunday, 22 July 2007


So.. Today I learnt that life can throw curve balls at you that you totally didn't expect... A friend of mine, I found out today (or yesterday), has gone and has started talking to others about a problem that she has with me and one of my flatmates before she has come to talk to me or my flattie. I am hurt by this as I did not even realise that she had a problem. But then not only that, but she has or is going to be going to some of the leaders in our church (which she doesn't like or belong to) to talk to them about us and we have no idea why? We didn't find out about her having a problem with us until one of our other friends (whom she had talked to) let it slip that she had talked to her about it.


How do we deal with this situation?
How do we get past the hurt and the anger of what she has done to us?
How do we deal with the situation while keeping some semblence of the friendship alive? And if not the friendship then at least keeping some maturity in the "meetings" that are going to have to occur?
She has hurt us by doing what it is that she has done, and as we do not understand why she has done this we, or at least I, am finding it hard to keep being civil to her when I see her. Though I know that I will continue to be as it's not very christian like otherwise.

So I'm not entirely sure how to deal with this curve ball that has been thrown my way. I'm not sure how to hit it so that the ball goes where it is meant to (on the right course) and not down a path the makes the hit invalid...

If you have any advice then I would love to hear your opinions. Please Help...

God Bless

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