Thursday, 21 June 2007

Seeing God

I was at lifegroup on Tuesday night, and my lifegroup leader made a comment about how Clive was right, you can see God in movies. I thought about that comment. And reslised that you can see God anywhere if you just look for him. I often get messages out of books (as well as movies) and sometimes I get messages out of books that other christians disagree with on principal. It's amazing the places that we can find God if we just open ourselves up to finding him. I know that the book that I should get the most inspiration from is the Bible, and I do get inspiration from it when I read it, but these other books and movies can provide just as much inspiration. The only foreword that I wrote and gave was about fear. This was inspired by God when I was watching an episode of 'Band of Brothers' the war series that I was writing about in the previous blog. The quote then was about fear and how they had the training to learn to deal with their fear. I realised that we had training to deal with our fear as well. It was called the Bible and Jesus. I hadn't got anything like that out of the Bible before.

And its not just movies and books that we can see God in. We can see him in our relationships that we have with the people that are around us, both the christians and the non christians.
If we look we can see the opportunities that God lies at our feet for us to take hold of so that we can reach out to others.

Another thing that happened at lifegroup one week was that we were told to pick a page from the newspaper and then pick an article to pray over. I prayed over Paris Hilton and that she would find God. The next week Paris was photographed with a Bible in her hand... Gives me something to think about..

We really can find God when we look for him. Its just a matter of taking the time to actually find Him where we are looking.

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